Chocolate Bouquets Flowers You Can Eat

I recently received this fantastic gift from my husband. They are chocolate bouquets, the flowers you can eat, flowers made of chocolate! My husband knows that I am a chocoholic, chocolate addict. I love anything with chocolate, chocolate bar, chocolate cake, chocolate candy, chocolate chips, chocolate bonbon, chocolate beverage such as hot chocolate and chocolate shake and even chocolate cocktail. I love the look of chocolate, taste of chocolate, smell of chocolate, velvety texture of chocolate. I love the way chocolate melt in my mouth and sweet cacao flavor after taste.

My addiction for chocolate doesn’t stop at actual eating of chocolate, I love chocolate color, so I wear chocolate color clothes and shoes, our furniture are all chocolate color, I dye my hair chocolate color, and to finish it off, we have a pet dog, chocolate Labrador called “Chocolat” (chocolate in French).

Naturally, in any special occasions for me to celebrate, such as birthday, mother’s day, anniversary and so on, people give me chocolate as a present. My husband always gives me special chocolate as a present together with other gifts like jewelry and flowers. They all know chocolate is essential gift items for me. All the latest talk of the town chocolate became gift item for me from my husband. I always appreciated them and enjoyed every one of them.

However, the chocolate bouquets are something special. I have never seen something like these before and was so impressed. I really felt over the moon when my husband presented them to was one of the most romantic things he has ever done for me. So let me explain what chocolate bouquets are and share my wonderful experience with you.

Chocolate bouquets are bouquets made of chocolate, literally edible bouquets or a bunch of flowers you can eat.  They are made of chocolate and other accessories such as ribbon, colored papers, cellophane and so on to shape bouquets. They really look like beautiful flowers of various kinds. Just instead of floral scent, you can enjoy sweet chocolate smell and can eat it.

Everyone loves, especially women and girls, delicious chocolate gifts (who doesn’t?), and chocolate bouquets are extremely attractive and taste delicious at the same time. So if you are looking for special present for your girlfriend or wife, chocolate bouquets are the best choice as they provide visual beauty as well as a great tasting treat. Just like I was over the moon when I received them from my husband I am sure your girlfriend or wife will be happy when you give them to her.

There are quite a few online shops, department stores, retail stores offering chocolate bouquets service. They all have their own unique products and services. So if you decided to go for chocolate bouquets for your girlfriend’s birthday gift or anniversary gift for your wife, then go on line and check all the shops there and see the various selection of chocolate bouquets they are offering and type of service they provide and of course their price and delivery conditions. Most of all of them offer home delivery service, so all you have to do is choose the one you like and wait for the delivery.

The one I received from my husband were called “In Full Bloom”. They consist of 12 bright and deep pink wrapped chocolates (Ferrero Rocher) and 12 pastel pink wrapped chocolates in the shape of rose bouquets and encased in a violet color box with pink ribbon decoration. They look just like real rose bouquets and so elegant and delicious as well.

There are various selections of chocolate bouquets are available on the market. “A Vase of Roses” are just one example. There are some more casual ones such as “Bounty N Stars Bouquets” which consist of Bounty bars and Belgian mild chocolate with sky blue and dark blue papers in the shape of bouquets.

If you want to give them as a new born baby gift, there are “Bear in Floral Pot” with a little bear soft toy surrounded with flower chocolates. For alcoholic beverage lover, there are “Sparkling Rose” with sparkling wine surrounded with rose shaped chocolate and “Chivas Blue” with Chivas surrounded with silver chocolate flowers. They all come with complimentary gift card.

I confidently assure you that chocolate bouquets gifts will be really appreciated and bring you a smashing success.

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