The Many Beneficial Attributes of Promotional Products

Promotional products act as a double edged sword. They retain the loyalty of your clients and act as a promotional media too. Your clients will be pleased to receive these products from you. When they use it, other people get an opportunity to learn more about your products and services along with your contact number. However, you should choose promotional products carefully. Make sure that you choose a gift item that your client is likely to use. Else, it will just act as a showpiece and will not advertise your offers. The gifts mentioned below will convey your gratitude to your clients without burning a hole in your pocket.

Coffee Mugs: They are cheap when purchased in bulk. Distribute them to your clients during the festive season. People use them at morning for drinking tea or coffee. They are used in offices to serve hot beverages to clients as well. Available in several shapes, sizes, and colors, they are an ideal gift for your customers. It is better to give a set of four mugs instead of one.

Folders: Made from different materials and available in different price ranges, folders are the best corporate gift to give to your clients during business meetings. Your best option is to select a folder that is big enough to hold A4 sized documents. This will help the attendees to store documents distributed during the meeting. Distribute folders made from artificial leather for general clients and those made from genuine leather to high profile clients.

Bags: Shopper tote bags are quite handy as people use them to carry beach wear, tools, cosmetics, grocery, and even books from one place to the other. They offer an extra advantage compared to other gifts since people are sure to notice your company’s ad when the recipient carries it along with him/ her. Select bright colored ones to draw maximum attention. These bags are made from materials such as nylon, cotton, and canvas.

Mouse pad: Mouse pads are the best choice of corporate gifts for companies that deal in software and hardware. You can be sure that potential clients will see your company’s details. They are available in different shapes like circular and square, with or without an image in their background. If you want, you can also include an anti static screen cleaner along with the mouse pad.

Executive gifts: Please your high profile clients by presenting them with silver pens inscribed with the name and contact information of your company. Give a personal touch to this gift by including a wooden wedge pen holder containing the name of your client. You can be sure that your clients will remember you each time they use the pen.

Desktop monthly planner calendar: This is an excellent gift since the recipient will place it on his table. Can you imagine the promotion your company will get, when visitors to your client’s office see this gift and find out details about your products and services? They are sure to note down your contact information and get in touch with you.

Personalizing the gift
Online stores selling promotional products provide you with an option to personalize the gifts using an online form. Select a product. Now fill up the online form with the name of your company, your email ID, your contact number, and the URL of your website. You can see these details appear on an image of the gift. This provides you the opportunity to change the style, size, and color of the font so that it displays properly on the gift. You can also upload your company’s logo and change its size so that it matches with the other details. Once you have completed this step, choose the number of gifts you want, pay the amount displayed via your credit card, and complete the order process. You will receive the promotional products via courier in a few days.

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